The Chef's Story

Matt Vella is someone who regards cooking, as one of the most awe-inspiring forms of art - Art that satisfies all the senses of the creator, appreciator, and ultimately, the consumer.

Born an epicure, Matt grew up inspired by the beautiful amalgam of flavor and aroma of food cooked with great care and love. The inspiration soon turned into a passion, which he pursued by starting his journey from a small restaurant. This experience encouraged him to turn passion into a profession by joining a culinary school. At 18, just 1 month after he started culinary school, Matt decided to take part in the Malta National Culinary Competition. It was a life-changing decision that earned him a silver medal, as well as three years of professional experience in two very well known restaurants.

Currently, Matt is pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mathematics and Statistics, while at the same time continuing his culinary journey as a private chef, serving an exclusive array of clients who value great taste, excellent presentation, and a personal touch.

Private Dining

When it comes to fine dining, it takes more than just well-cooked food to make an impression. Whether it is a highly private dinner date with your loved one or an exclusive corporate event, a creative and customized menu and how it is served, can add a whole new level of class and quality to the event

For an experience this exclusive, a meeting is set with the client in person, prior to the booking date. During this meeting, the client's preferences as well as the cultural and background information of the guests is acquired. Based on the information collected, the most perfect and delectable menu is prepared to satiate the appetite of even the pickiest of eaters and deliver a superior fine dining experience.

culinary consultation

Quality and bespoke culinary consultation services are also provided upon request to both restaurants and private households. Consultation services include but are not limited to concept, menu and recipe planning.

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